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Seven Things The Movies Forgot About Ron 


Book Ron was an interesting, attractive and relatable character, and I feel that the movies really unfairly relegated him to the position of comic relief. The dynamics of the trio had to be simplified into hero + heroine + mascot, and that robbed us of a truly fascinating…

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Elsa + Defying Gravity [x]

I needed this

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literally how does anyone not believe in aliens

are u really so anthropocentric that you think there are millions and billions and trillions of light years of the ever expanding universe but we’re the only life to possibly exist smh

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No one cares but I’m gonna talk anyway… 

Haven’t been on Tumblr in forever and so much has changed. 

I’m happy. It’s crazy and surreal but I really am.

I’m falling in love with a guy who treats me like a motherfucking princess. I got announced as the Editor in Chief of my college newspaper. I’m doing okay in my classes. I vacuumed my room today. 

So much has changed. Sometimes you grow and realize everything you had been doing that you thought was the right thing was so wrong for you. That despite occasionally being happy that I was ultimately making myself miserable. It was no one else’s fault but my own. I choose to be happy or not be happy. No one else can do that for me. 

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